What Are the Pros and Cons of Living in San Diego?

120 miles south of Los Angeles sits the 8th largest city in the United States, San Diego, California. On the border with Mexico, San Diego has long been called the ‘Birthplace of California’, becoming part of the country 2 years after the Mexican-American War ended in 1848. There’s also another moniker that San Diego proudly assumes, that of ‘America’s Finest City’, and today we’re going to find out why.

Any large city has its good and bad points, of course. We believe that the good heavily outweighs the bad here in San Diego but, then again, we’re biased because we truly love it here! In any case, the following Pros and Cons of living in San Diego are presented here for your information and pleasure! If you’re thinking of moving here, we hope this will help convince you that it’s a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family!

pros and cons of living in san diego

A Quick Note About Self-Storage

If you’re planning to move to enchanting San Diego, but you haven’t found a place to live yet, renting a self-storage unit is a viable, affordable option. It’s also a better option than storing your goods with a moving company as it’s more affordable and you’ll have access to your things if you need them. Of course, if you already live in San Diego but you’re running out of space at home, a self-storage unit is a perfect way to give yourself more space without having to get rid of all your nice things. 

Pro- The Culture

Featuring opera, live symphonies, over a dozen museums and art galleries, and the Old Globe Theatre, Balboa Park is the largest urban cultural park in the United States. Then there’s the San Diego Zoo, gardens galore to explore, and over 7000 restaurants serving every flavor of food you can imagine. 

San Diego is home to the San Diego Air and Space Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, and the New Children’s Museum, among others. And of course, the San Diego Symphony Orchestra plays here, including their hugely popular Summer Pops series held outdoors every year. Plus, no one will ever forget when the Beatles played at Balboa Stadium in August of 1965! If culture is your thing, San Diego’s got you covered.

Con- The Cost of Living

Unfortunately, San Diego is well known for having a relatively high cost of living in comparison to many other parts of the United States. Home prices have gone up quite a bit in the last couple of decades and even apartments are expensive. One good thing is that San Diego is still more affordable than some of its sister cities up north including San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Pro- The Beach and Surf Lifestyle

With some of the best beaches for surfing in the United States, San Diego is a surf and beach lovers dream. That relaxed vibe seems to permeate the entire city, making it a bit slower and less chaotic than some of California’s more northern cities. The Pacific Ocean is particularly awesome when it comes to surfing and, indeed, it’s a way of life here for many. Even if you aren’t big into surfing the beaches and ocean temperatures are practically perfect for swimming throughout most of the year.

hikin on san diego cliffs

Con- Parking in the City

Many San Diego residents use scooters and motorcycles because of the parking situation in the city, which is not what you would call ideal. Finding a parking spot isn’t as bad as, say, New York City, but it does take a bit of time and effort. Finding a free spot? That might take some work, so budget extra time if that’s your plan.

Pro- Schools

The public schools in San Diego are some of the best in the United States with five school districts that rank in the top 30 in the state! If you’re planning on having a family (or already have one!), sending them to school in San Diego means your little ones will get a fantastic, well-rounded education. ABC indeed!

Con- Traffic

Any city with this many people is bound to have its fair share of traffic and San Diego is no different. It’s ranked #40 of all the biggest metro areas in the country, however, so it’s still bearable. Offsetting the traffic is the fact that the city is very walkable, so once you’re downtown you can at least get around on foot and get some exercise!

Pro- Plenty of Opportunities to Bike

Not only does San Diego have plenty of biking trails but it also matches them with spectacular views of the Pacific ocean as you ride. The Pacific Beach Boardwalk (or PB for short) Is one of the most popular due to its prime people watching and plenty of places along the way to stop, relax and enjoy something to eat or drink. 

If incredible views of the downtown area, including Point Loma and her rolling hills, are what you seek, cycling up Cabrillo National Monument should be your goal. It’s not an easy goal, to be sure, but the spectacular views are well worth it. From Fiesta Island to Mission Trails Regional Park, Silver Strand and Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, San Diego is bicycling heaven in the Southern California sunshine.

beach cruiser bike on san diego beach

Con- No Real Seasons to Speak Of

This far south in California you’re not going to find a huge difference between winter, summer, spring, or autumn. In fact, you might not find any difference at all! For some, that’s not a Con but a fantastic Pro! For others, they might miss, for example, the splash of fall colors or a beautiful blanket of white snow. Luckily, Mammoth Mountain, Big Bear, and Julian are close enough to get there by car and get all the snow and seasons you desire!

Seeking Self-Storage in San Diego?

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sunset on the cliffs and beach of san diego

San Diego is a Fantastic Place to Live!

We hope you enjoyed this list and that it helps you make your decision to move here. One thing is certain; once you do, you’ll never want to live anywhere else! 

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